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Jail Division

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Jail Division consists of 17 full-time Officers. Whenever a person is arrested in Fulton County that person is brought to the Fulton County Detention Center. The current facility was opened for business in 2021. The facility was built with approximately 200 beds separated into different blocks. Prisoners held in the Detention Center range from those charged with offenses such as theft and drug related charges, to offenses of rape, burglary, and murder. Our staff is responsible for the care, custody, and safety of the inmates housed in the Detention Center. The Detention Center is self-contained. All laundry services, meal preparation, and most medical services are provided within the Detention Center.


Although most prisoners stay at the Detention Center for a short period of time, some prisoners may stay the entire time from arrest, through trial, and sentencing. Even after they are sentenced, inmates may stay in the Detention Center for an extended time due to bed space at the Indiana Department of Correction. The Fulton County Detention Center averages a daily population ranging from 100 to nearly 110. 

  • Jail Commander: Catherine L. Collins
  • Asst. Jail Commander: Marty Lee Ehlinger
  • Jail Matron: Jodi Miller
  • Jail Officer: Tim Tate
  • Jail Officer: Caleb Russell
  • Jail Officer: Mike Cannon
  • Jail Officer: Courtney Gast
  • Jail Officer: Breanna Phillips
  • Jail Officer: Candice Johnston
  • Jail Officer: Justin Tate 
  • Jail Officer: Neal Cloud
  • Jail Officer: Matt Clark
  • Jail Officer: Michelle Baxter
  • Jail Officer: Randy Kimler 
  • Jail Officer: Jared Parish
  • Jail Officer: Jared Small
  • Jail Officer: Mikayla Hay
  • PT Jail Officer: Michael Russell 
  • PT Jail Officer: Kayden Craig
  • PT Jail Officer: Michael Urso
  • PT Jail Officer: Colton Hatter

***A message to Legal Counsel***

Visits with inmates housed at the Fulton County Detention Center should be scheduled in advance by contacting the Jail Commander at 574-224-2428 or email jail.cdr@co.fulton.in.us.  Weekend and Holiday visits are discouraged.    

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