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Inmate Mail Service

Inmate's outgoing mail will be picked up at the discretion of the on-duty Jail Officer. Inmates are required to put their full name above the address when sending mail. If the inmate does not put their full name in the upper left hand corner of the envelope, the mail will not be accepted for delivery through the United States Post Office. Incoming mail will be delivered to the inmate Monday through Saturday, except Holidays. Any incoming mail received that does not have a name and address of the sender will be confiscated and placed in the inmate's property to be received upon release.

Incoming mail will be inspected prior to the inmate receiving it, with the exception of legal mail, unless contraband is suspected. No mail or notes from other inmates confined in this or any other jail or prison facilities will be allowed in the Fulton County Jail.

Mail containing stickers and/or colored drawings/paintings/glitter will result in being confiscated and held until the release of the inmate.
No packages will be allowed to be mailed to any inmate without prior written consent from the Jail Commander, or the package will be sent back to the sender. All packages need to be under $1.50 in postage.  Contents and sender must be disclosed.

Books and/or magazines need to be sent directly from the respective publisher if consent is given by the Jail Commander for the inmate to receive.

No items will be accepted through the lobby without the Jail Commander's prior written approval.

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