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Where is the Fulton County Recorder’s Office located?
Our office is located at 125 E. 9th Street in Rochester, IN Suite 120 in the Annex building. Our office is the last office on the right.
What are the fees charged by the Recorder's Office?
The Recorder’s office is mandated by the State of Indiana and is a constitutional office where fees charged are established under IC Code 36-2-7. Please see our fee schedule.
Do you have blank forms to record a document?
The only form this office holds is the Certificate of Assumed Business Name Form.
What is the Social Security Affirmation Statement?
This statement must be included on all documents except those that require a social security number such as Military Discharges and Federal Tax Liens.
How can I add and remove a name from my current deed?
You will need to confer with your attorney for your own protection.
What is the process for recording a deed?
A deed must be presented and approved by the Assessor and the Auditor before it can be recorded in our office.
My credit report shows an Indiana Department of Revenue tax lien on my record. It shows this report is on file in the Recorder’s Office.
Credit Bureaus incorrectly report that State Tax Liens are filed in the Recorder’s Office. These records are filed with the County Clerk’s Office at 574-223-2911.
How can I obtain a recorded copy of my Military Discharge Papers?
Due to the ongoing identity theft crisis, the DD214 is a confidential document.
Where do I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?
Birth Certificates for persons born in Fulton County, Indiana, are available through the Fulton County Health Department. Their office can be reached at (574)-223-2881.
I have a zoning issue or question. Who should I contact?
The Area Plan Commission can assist you with zoning issues or questions. You can contact their office at (574) 223-7667.
Where do I obtain a building permit?
The Area Plan Commission can assist you with your permit.
Where do I pay my property taxes?
The Fulton County Treasurer’s Office can help you. They are located in the Fulton County Annex building located at 125 E. 9th Street, Rochester, IN. Their phone is (574)-223-2913
Where do I apply for my tax exemptions?
The Fulton County Auditor’s Office can help you and is also located in the Annex building at 125 E 9th Street, Rochester, IN. If you have any questions, you can contact them at (574) 223-2912.
Why do I need a Certificate of Assumed Business Name?
You are required under Indiana Code to file an Assumed Business Name for a variety of different reasons.
Why won’t the Recorder’s Office perform searches?
For liability reasons, this office does not conduct real estate searches.
Where can I get a permit for Buggy’s, and Golf Carts?
The Treasurer’s Office can help you. They are located in the Fulton County Annex Building located at 125 E. 9th Street, Rochester, IN. Their phone number is (574) 223-2913.
Briefly explain the different types of Benefits available for Veterans?
Compensation - A monthly benefit depending upon rating percentage, with additional amounts for dependents of veterans with a 30 percent rating and above.
Enumerate the Education and Training program available for Veterans?
Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty) The Montgomery GI Bill (Active Duty) provides a program of education benefits to individuals who enter active duty for the first time after June 30, 1989, and receive an honorable discharge.
What does the term Vocational Rehabilitation mean?
A disabled veteran may receive employment assistance, self-employment assistance, training in a rehabilitation facility, and college and other training.
What are Home Loan Guaranties?
VA loan guaranties - to be used for the purchase of homes, condominiums and manufactured for refinancing loans - are made to service members, veterans, reservists and surviving spouses who have not remarried.
Explain about Burial Benefits?
VA cemeteries Burial benefits in a VA National Cemetery include the grave site, a headstone or marker, opening and closing of the grave, and perpetual care.
Explain about Dependents Education?
Educational assistance benefits are available to spouses who have not remarried and children of: (1) veterans who died or are permanently and totally disabled as the result of a disability arising from active military service; (2) veterans who died from any cause while rated permanently and totally disabled from service-connected disability; (3) service members listed for more than 90 days as currently missing in action or captured in line of duty by a hostile force; (4) service members listed for more than 90 days as currently detained or interned by a foreign government or power.
What are State Supported Benefits?
Remission of fees for the children of a disabled veteran The natural or legally adopted children of a disabled veteran may be eligible for remission of fees at any state-supported post secondary school or university in the State of Indiana.
What are the vital documents required for Veterans Benefits?
The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs and the Indiana State Archives have copies of DD-214's on file for many Hoosier veterans who entered the service from Indiana.
Describe Veterans Home?
The Indiana Veterans Home in West Lafayette provides nursing and domiciliary care for any Hoosier veteran with at least one-day of wartime service.
What is Burial Allowance?
Each county auditor is authorized to pay up to an amount not to exceed $100 for the burial of a veteran or the veteran's spouse and to pay up to $100 for the setting of a federal headstone. Veterans must have received an honorable discharge, and a application must be filed Ref: IC 10-5-3-1.
What if I'm making changes to my property?
If a building permit was issued, we will be notified by the planning agency.
What if I experience a fire or weather-related property loss?
You should submit a Form 137R to the Assessor's office along with evidence of your loss (for example, pictures, insurance claims, appraisal, repair bills) within 12 months of the disaster.
Why do I have to pay property taxes?
We've all become accustomed to the level of services provided by our local community. Schools, police and fire protection, libraries and paved roads are only a few of the amenities property taxes make possible.
What is trending?
Annual Adjustments or "trending" of property walues became part of Indiana's move to a market-based assessment system upon order of the Indiana Supreme Court in 1999.
What if I disagree with the Assessed Value?
A taxpayer has a right to appeal their property tax assessment for any reason.
Is there any way I can reduce my taxes?
Yes. There are a number of Credits and exemptions available to qualifying taxpayers
Where and when do I file my mortgage and homestead exemption?
Mortgages and homestead exemptions are filed with the County Auditor by December 31st and will be applied to the following year's taxes, if you purchase a new property, both need to be filed.
Where and when do I file a tax return on my business personal property?
Filing of forms 103 and 104 are required by May 15th of each year and are filed with the County Assessor in the County in which the property is located.
Are churches and not-for-profit organizations required to file a return for personal property?
Yes. The same deadlines apply as a regular business filing.
How do I get a copy of my property record card?
You can access your property record card by following the link located on the Assessor's Home Page
Where do I get information regarding the Circuit Breaker Caps?
Why do my neighbor's taxes appear to be lower than mine?
Your neighbor may be receiving deductions that you may not be eligible for Or that have not been applied to your home due to Various reasons.
| purchased my home at a foreclosure sale. Why isn't it assessed at the price I paid for it?
The assessment process dictates that market value can only be established using arms-length, non-distressed sales; a foreclosure sale does not meet that benchmark, since they are generally conducted under duress.
Why are my taxes so high?
Your tax bill results from the interaction of your property's value and the local tax rate.
I received a Notice of Assessment (Form 11) in the mail as part of the General Reassessment. How do I know if my assessed value is correct?
The assessed value should reflect the amount a Willing buyer would pay for the property at the time of the assessment (March 1 is the assessment date).
Who should I contact to initiate an appeal of the assessed value of my home?
The first step in the appeals process begins with written notification to your local assessing official.
Can I find my property corners myself?
lf lot corner irons were set; you can find them with a metal detector.
Does your office have a copy of my survey?
Since 1990, it is a state requirement that all surveys be recorded in the County Recorder's Office.
My neighbor just hired a surveyor to survey his land and one of his lot corners seems to be over on my property, what can I do?
You can have your property surveyed to determine where your Corners are supposed to be.
Results 1-45 of 45

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