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Cyclical Reassessment

Per Senate Enrolled Act 19 - 2012, starting July 1, 2014, a "general reassessment" of property has been replaced with a "cyclical reassessment." (That refers to the reassessment of 25% of the parcels in each year of the cycle.)

The basic premise of a "cyclical reassessment" is to spread the reassessment activities, including the inspection and updating of all of the parcels and parcel characteristics, in an assessment jurisdiction, over a four (4) year period instead of a twenty (20) month period. Upon completion of this four year period, a new four year period will begin in the same manner.

Press Release, June 30, 2014 - Cyclical Reassessment

The Fulton County Assessor's office will be visiting all parcels in the county as required by Indiana Code 6-1.1-4. We will inspect each parcel in the county over the next four years, starting July 1, 2014.

Field workers will be reviewing our information and taking measurements of buildings. As you know, structures may change over time from wear and tear, or remodeling.

This review does not mean your property assessment will increase. Our statutory duty is to arrive at an estimate of market value for each parcel. Each year, we use sales of similar properties to arrive at those estimates. The field reviews may lead to increases, decreases, or as in most cases, very little change in property value. The field reviews are designed to increase the accuracy of the assessment information.

Our field workers will carry identification and be able to answer general questions about your property. Please assist them in answering questions they may have about numbers of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. We strive to make sure our information is as accurate as possible.

This year, we are beginning the field reviews in Liberty/Union/Wayne Townships. Our office will publish notices of future review sites as warranted.

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