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E-911 Communications

911 LogoWorking Together as a Team Striving for Perfection and Settling for Excellence 

It is our mission to promote Teamwork in the center, respect those who have given us their trust, to be accountable to those we serve, maintain Integrity in the performance of our duties and dedicate ourselves to the profession we have chosen.


For some this is an ordinary week. You may ask why they would dedicate a week to dispatchers. Don't they just answer the phone? They are not boots on the ground. They have it easy. They get to sit in a chair and be in a controlled climate. These are just a few of the comments these folks hear because some do not understand what we do. As a director and once a full time dispatcher I can testify this job is not easy. We may not be able to get boots on the ground but we are here to give pre arrival instructions, listen to your cry’s, comfort you in your loss and listen to your complaints. Yes sometimes you even throw in a compliment and we never forget and appreciate those moments. Dispatchers are a very important piece of emergency response. WE ARE THE FIRST RESPONDER! You see we have a great deal of responsibility that no one understands. We are a master at multi-tasking, consulting, talking on the radio, providing resources, answering admin lines, 911 lines, provide assistance for the Sheriff, Warrants, IDACS, NCIC and making sure our responders are SAFE. Please forgive us if we have a bad day and seemed unkind. We are not perfect. We give it our all. We remember all the bad calls and those of you who have lost someone. Our compassion runs deep and we cannot express enough how deeply sorry we are. But truly we have a lot of great outcomes. Sometimes we experience a child birth or save a life through pre arrival instructions or the calmness of our voice. I ask that you thank a dispatcher this week. Please give these folks a simple thank you for all the hard work they do behind the scene. They are the calm voice that gives HOPE, one who is rarely seen, angel in the airwaves, a 911 Dispatcher. Thank you to everyone at Fulton County 911 Communications. Your work and dedication is beyond GOLD. I'm proud to be the Director of you all. - Gail Karas

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