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Friends of the Park

The Friends of the Fulton County Parks and Recreation Department, Inc. is an organization created by the Fulton County Park and Recreation Board. The "Friends…" organization is a non-profit entity legally recognized as a 501(c)3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service, a status which has allowed this group to accept tax deductible donations on behalf of the Parks Department while providing tax benefits to local benefactors.

The Parks Board originally identified a circle of interested and committed local residents in mid and late 2003 and hosted a series of informal organizational meetings during the 3rd quarter of the same year. In January of 2004 a resolution by the Parks Board recognized the structure and bylaws of the "Friends…" Board of Directors. Later in 2004 the "Friends…" Board applied for and received recognition by the Internal Revenue Service of their 501(c)3 status.

The "Friends…" organization is comprised of 9 to 15 volunteer Board of Director officers and members operating under the bylaws which created the entity. Membership to the Board of the "Friends…" organization is controlled through the nomination by the Parks Board and an acceptance vote by the existing "Friends…" Board Members. Other local citizens with a desire to help with the effort required to make the park enhancements a reality are considered "associate" members and they have proven to be major contributors to the effort that has been required to bring the existing park facilities up to their current standards.

Officers and Board Members of the Friends of the Fulton County Parks and Recreation Department, Inc. may be reached at Post Office Box 462, Rochester, Indiana 46975.


  • Eric Schlarf - President - 574-223-9087
  • Sandy Sawyer - Vice-President - 574-223-2008
  • Bill Walsh - Treasurer - 574-223-2590
  • Doug Morton - Member - 574-223-4288
  • Scott Zeyan - Member - 574-527-5761
  • Bob Cannedy - Member - 574-835-0324

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P.O. Box 462
Rochester, IN 46975
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