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Drainage Board

The Drainage Board Meetings are held in the Commissioner's Room

1st floor of the Annex Building,

125 E. 9th St, Rochester, IN 46975

at 9:00 am

*The Board meets the 2nd Monday of each month unless a holiday dictates closure. In that circumstance, the following Tuesday will replace Monday.


Voting Members

1. Chairman Dave Sommers (574)223-5618 ; Email: dsommers@co.fulton.in.us                                   

2. Vice-Chairman Rick Ranstead (574)223-4764 ; Email: rranstead@co.fulton.in.us

3. Commissioner Bryan Lewis (574)223-5324 ; Email: blewis@co.fulton.in.us                               

Technical Adviser

Surveyor Seth White (574)223-7817 ; Email: surveyor@co.fulton.in.us

Appointed Secretary

Lacey Holloway (574)223-3492 ; Email: Dbsec@co.fulton.in.us

Appointed Attorney

Holli Shorter-Pifer


ALL Drainage/Site Plans require approval through the Drainage Board. Plans must be received into the Fulton County Surveyor's Office at a MINIMUM 5 DAYS prior to the meeting.

Guidelines for Storm Water can be found under "Useful Links" on this or the Fulton County Surveyor's page. The guidelines follow a 100-year rain with a 10-year release. Connecting to positive outlets is required if available.

Projects Requiring Drainage/Site Plans: Any newly built business; building additions to a business; any parking lot creation or additions (regardless of surface material to be used); Any structure by any lake in Fulton County (new home, home addition, &  driveway change). If you aren't sure if you need a plan, call the Surveyor's Office (574) 223-3317.

The Surveyor will present Drainage/Site Plans to the Board on behalf of the owner. Anyone involved is more than welcome to attend as well as speak. 

Results: All involved parties will receive a letter in the mail concerning said results. 


The Surveyor presents Reconstructions, Maintenance rate changes & Establishments. The Board sets the dates & times for all Public Hearings. Every landowner in the watershed will receive a minimum 30-day notification via mail. NOTE: The Reconstruction notices contain a high ESTIMATION cost. THIS IS NOT A BILL! The final cost will be based off of an awarded bid. Landowners have the opportunity to speak for or against the project. If you are unable to attend, please feel free to submit a written notification. This needs to be received a minimum of 7-days prior to the hearing. The Secretary will present any written notifications to the Board, prior to the Hearing.


Whereas, a landowner has the ability to hire a contractor for work on an established regulated county drain; Whereas, a landowner has the ability to claim reimbursement or request direct payment to a contractor for said work through a drain's specified Maintenance account; Now therefore, a landowner, who has intentions of seeking reimbursement or direct contractor payment MUST receive prior approval BEFORE work begins. A landowner will obtain approval for general work through the Fulton County Surveyor's Office. If said work is pertaining to ANY Fulton County Drainage Board awarded bid project, a landowner MUST receive approval from the Fulton County Drainage Board. If a landowner chooses to not request approval or the request for work is denied, the Fulton County Drainage Board is NOT liable for any expense incurred by the landowner's contracted work. Presented & Approved Monday, August 13, 2018.

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