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Proposed 2020 Fulton County Building Code

The Fulton County Building Code, adopted in 1994, is comprised of five separate ordinances.  The current code has been redrafted using the Department of Homeland Security, Division of Fire and Building Safety's Model Ordinance.  This model ordinance combines all of the current ordinances regulating the enforcement of building codes, except the ordinance mandating the enforcement of Indiana's Unsafe Bulding Law, including all of the recent changes in legislation and Indiana Code citations. 

The 2020 proposed Fulton County Building Ordinance includes the following changes:

  1. More descriptive definitions;
  2. Additional Articles to enforce through the Indiana Fire Code, Indiana Fuel Gas Code, and NFPA Standards;
  3. Lower the requirement for the monetary amount of structures requiring a permit - the current code requires a permit for any structure that cost exceeds $5,000; the proposed code requires a permit for any structure that cost exceeds $1,500;
  4. The IC citation for the enforcement of Advanced Structural Components;
  5. Gives the authority to withhold the issuance of permits if fees are owed or if the structure is noncompliant with applicable zoning regulations or other ordinances relating to land use;
  6. Penalties for violating the code changed from the current code requiring not less than $100, but not more than $500 in fines each day, to the proposed fine cannot exceed $2,500;
  7. The section explaining a citizen's right to appeal has been detailed and updated with the current Indiana Code citations; and
  8. The Indiana Code regarding lifting devices located within a private residence has been added.

The 1st & 2nd readings of the 2020 Fulton County Building Ordinance (FCBC) occurred on January 21, 2020.  The 3rd reading of the proposed ordinance will be read at the Fulton County Board of Commissioners meeting on February 17, 2020.

Click here to read the Indiana Department of Homland Security's (DHS) Model Ordinance This ordinance was given to the county to use as a building ordinance template.  The DHS Model Ordinance contains updated code citations and reference information.  The draft presented to the Board of Commissioners was created using the DHS Template with additional changes to tailor to Fulton County's demographics.

Among the changes in the DHS Model Ordinance, Section 22 in the DHS Model Ordinance was replaced in the Fulton County draft by FCBC Section 12, because the Indiana Legislature adopted a code in 2018 to replace the original language in the DHS Model Ordinance.  DHS Model Ordinance Section 8 requires a building permit for all forms of construction (no cost of construction limit), the draft FCBC includes a cost of construction limit of $1,500.  [Only projects that exceed $1,500 require the issuance of a building permit.]  FCBC Section 4 (2.) was added to stipulated when a permit is not needed and FCBC Section 22 (2.) was included to require the installation of access boxes at Commercial facilities that meet the criteria listed.

Click here for a direct link to the Indiana Code Chapter 22:  Labor and Safety, which includes the majority of the Fire, Building, and Safety regulations referenced frequently in the DHS Model Ordianance and FCBC draft, including definitions of such terms as "Construction".

Links to the current and proposed Building Ordinances:

Current Fulton County Building Code (1994) (1995)(2008)(2013)

Proposed Fulton County Building Code (2020)

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