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Surplus Refunds

Surplus refunds are available two times a year following the May 10th and November 10th collections. Letters will be sent by the County Treasurer to the owner of record of properties that have overpayments exceeding the total taxes due for the year. The refund may or may not be owed to the owner of record.

Reasons for Surplus

There are several things that may cause surplus taxes including the following:

Taxes were paid at a real estate closing or a refinance and again at the due date. A correction was made to the taxes due after the taxes were paid in full. A payment was made on an incorrect parcel. A buyer and seller both paid a tax installment in error.

Proof of Surplus

Because of the above stated reasons for surplus, it is important that the rightful person receive the refund. It is for that reason that a taxpayer is asked to provide proof that they are entitled to the refund. The County Treasurer's Office has the ability to locate some checks and statements depending on where they were paid. If you believe you are entitled to a refund, but are unable to locate the appropriate receipts, please contact the County Treasurer's Office for assistance at 574-223-2913

Claiming Surplus

Taxpayers may apply for the surplus refund by sending or bringing the surplus notice letter plus all receipts to the Fulton County Treasurer’s Office, 125 E 9th St, Rochester, IN  46975. Following the review of the information provided a claim will be prepared by the Treasurer's Office and delivered to the Auditor's Office for payment. The payment will be processed within approximately three weeks. If you file information to request the surplus and want to inquire about the progress of the claim you may contact the Treasurer's Office for information.

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