Fulton County, Indiana

Fulton County is focused on creating a prosperous future while preserving our history.


Financial Duties:

  1. County Budget Preparation for Council
  2. Maintain Drain Records for Payment/Adjustments
  3. Make Initial Determination of Tax Rates for County Unit
  4. Issue all checks in payment of County obligations
  5. Oversee Payment of Bills for Building Projects
  6. Manage Additional Appropriations
  7. Administer All County Funds and Grants
  8. Audit all claims submitted for payment
  9. Maintain County Fixed Assets List
  10. Maintain Insurance ledger
  11. Payroll
  12. Direct Deposit
  13. Personnel Files for Auditor's office
  14. Employee Service Record
  15. All the H.R. related items for the County


  1. Innkeepers Tax
  2. T.I.F.
  3. L.O.I.T.
  4. C.V.E.T.
  5. C.A.G.I.T.
  6. Excise Tax, Lottery Distribution, Auto Rental & Aircraft Tax.
  7. Prepare Tax Rate Chart for publication (proposed and Certified) 
  8. Manage Budget Transfers and Additional Appropriations
  9. Responsible for Tax Sale-Publication & Records of Sale, Deeds
  10. Track Tax Abatement Property Status
  11. Transmit Budget Orders and Tax Rates for all units of Government in County

Property Records:

  1. Receive Deeds, Affidavits, Etc for Property Ownership
  2. Receive Sales Disclosures
  3. Official Receipt of Plats
  4. Accept & Process Annexation Records, Exemptions- Homestead, Mortgage, Veterans, Age, Disability, GeoThermal, Heritage Barn
  5. Maintains Subdivisions, Street Names, Splits, or Combinations
  6. Certify Signatures for Remonstrance Petitions
  7. Main Plat Book through GIS System


  1. Keeper of Auditor's Office Service Record
  2. Prepare Wage Scale Information
  3. Payroll
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. W-2's, W-4's, 1099's
  6. Payment f Taxes to IRS, FICA, Dept. of Revenue
  7. Employee Benefit Payments
  8. Health Insurance Payments
  9. Life Insurance Payments
  10. PERF
  11. Administer Various Employee Withholdings


  1. Distribution of tax revenues to Taxing Units
  2. Prepare Abstract
  3. Prepare Settlement Spread Sheet
  4. Quietus all receipts
  5. Balance with Treasurer (monthly)
  6. Not only does the auditor work days, many meetings are scheduled at night. Attending additional educational meetings including the Association of Indiana Counties, Indiana Auditor's Association

Miscellaneous Duties:

  1. Prepare/Distribute Agendas for Council and Commissioner Meetings
  2. Keep all Official Records( i.e., Contracts, letters of credit, bonds, minutes, bids, vehicle titles and all correspondence, both Council and Commissioners)
  3. Record All Pertinent County Documents
  4. Provide Certificates of No Remonstrance for all County taxing units

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