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Where is the Fulton County Recorder’s Office located?
Our office is located at 125 E. 9th Street in Rochester, IN Suite 120 in the Annex building. Our office is the last office on the right.
What are the fees charged by the Recorder's Office?
The Recorder’s office is mandated by the State of Indiana and is a constitutional office where fees charged are established under IC Code 36-2-7. Please see our fee schedule.
Do you have blank forms to record a document?
The only form this office holds is the Certificate of Assumed Business Name Form.
What is the Social Security Affirmation Statement?
This statement must be included on all documents except those that require a social security number such as Military Discharges and Federal Tax Liens.
How can I add and remove a name from my current deed?
You will need to confer with your attorney for your own protection.
What is the process for recording a deed?
A deed must be presented and approved by the Assessor and the Auditor before it can be recorded in our office.
My credit report shows an Indiana Department of Revenue tax lien on my record. It shows this report is on file in the Recorder’s Office.
Credit Bureaus incorrectly report that State Tax Liens are filed in the Recorder’s Office. These records are filed with the County Clerk’s Office at 574-223-2911.
Where do I obtain a building permit?
The Area Plan Commission can assist you with your permit.
Where do I pay my property taxes?
The Fulton County Treasurer’s Office can help you. They are located in the Fulton County Annex building located at 125 E. 9th Street, Rochester, IN. Their phone is (574)-223-2913
Where do I apply for my tax exemptions?
The Fulton County Auditor’s Office can help you and is also located in the Annex building at 125 E 9th Street, Rochester, IN. If you have any questions, you can contact them at (574) 223-2912.
Why do I need a Certificate of Assumed Business Name?
You are required under Indiana Code to file an Assumed Business Name for a variety of different reasons.
Why won’t the Recorder’s Office perform searches?
For liability reasons, this office does not conduct real estate searches.
Where can I get a permit for Buggy’s, and Golf Carts?
The Treasurer’s Office can help you. They are located in the Fulton County Annex Building located at 125 E. 9th Street, Rochester, IN. Their phone number is (574) 223-2913.
Results 1-13 of 13

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