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Our Hometown Heroes

November 29, 2017

We often forget those who hear a last breath or talked someone out of harming themselves. They pull themselves together and take the next call sometimes holding back tears. But that’s what we do and it’s our job.

The two Hero’s behind the headsets are Jennifer and Krista. They are partners and have dedicated 17 & 19 years to FULTON Co. They both have comforted someone in the most darkest moments of someone’s life. Please gives these ladies a shout of gratitude. They deserve it!

Jennifer, thank you for being a comfort voice to Mrs. Jane last week! You where her someone and friend.

Krista your patience and care gave someone hope that they do matter and have something to live for. Congratulations on earning a lifesaver pin.

I’m proud and thankful for the great team we have! I will continue to post positive calls that take place at the Fulton Co Shf Dept and 911 Center.

Jennifer and Krista

December 16, 2016

On December 16th, 2015 Melissa Johnson was involved in an accident that nearly took her life. For the past year she has surpassed many hurdles. Melissa and her family wanted to thank all the responders for the excellent job they did that night. They presented all responders with a meal and certificate of appreciation on December 16th, 2016 a year later for saving her life! We have amazing responders! Dispatchers on duty Lindsey Morales and Tom Murray, Deputy Don Sriver and Deputy Scott Wilburn and Kewanna Fire and Aubbee Fire Department! 911 Dispatchers also receive lifesaver pins for heroic performances.







October 31, 2016

Quick Response of Emergency Responders Saves a Local Life

We often don't get to meet the people we help or see the outcome of those we save. Call it a miracle or whatever you believe in but Christopher Gualtieri is alive today because of the quick response from our responders and the dispatcher, the first first responder, that's never seen. But we also can't for get Adlai, Chris and Deanna's son. He too is a hero. Last July Chris was involved in an accident at his residence. He suffered numerous lacerations from metal after an explosion. Malarie stayed on the line with giving multiple instructions to the responders and comforting the caller. Multitasking is an amazing gift. While on the phone Chris and his son were saying goodbyes. He didn't think he was going to make it. You see his son Adlai had taken every piece of clothing off but his shoes and boxers to stop the bleeding. Major veins and arteries we cut. So the picture above shows 911 does work and the gratitude we all have for each other. Chris and his family wanted to meet the dispatcher that saved his life. Thank you Gualtieri Family for your appreciation and gratitude. You made everyone's day being able to walked into our department. It's an overwhelming feeling when you've saved a life! We have a great group that goes above and beyond.

Hometown Heroes 1

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