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Rabies Awareness in Fulton County

Summer is here, children will be playing outside and adventuring. Please take a moment and inform your children never touch, pick-up or play with any animal  that they may come across in the outdoors. Go get an adult!

The Fulton County Health Department has received several calls on bats getting into houses. Please be advised that if you or a family member wake up and a bat is in the room you should try to catch it by throwing a towel or blanket over it, or call a professional , then get an air tight container or plastic bag to suffocate the bat. PLEASE DO NOT CRUSH THE HEAD ! Place it in refrigeration AFTER IT HAS DIED. ( IF YOU DO NOT REFRIGERATE THE BAT THE BRAIN LIQUIFIES AND CAN NOT BE TESTED) , contact you’re the public  health nurse. If the bat is CAUGHT  and is DEAD, we can send it to Indiana State Health Department Lab for free rabies testing . Therefore the rabies vaccination can wait until we get the test results back.


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