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Drug Free Fulton County

Mission Statement: The mission of Drug Free Fulton County is to bring together community stakeholders to combat alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) abuse in Fulton County. We will endeavor to assess needs, identify high risk groups and encourage the development of prevention, education, treatment, intervention, law enforcement and justice programs. We will grant funds from the Fulton County Drug Free Fund to support programs which combat ATOD abuse in accordance with the objectives stated in this plan. We will monitor the progress of these programs to meet stated outcomes.


History: Drug Free Fulton County (formerly known as the Local Coordinating Council for Drug Free Indiana), was formed in 1989 when then-Governor Evan Bayh formed the Governor’s Commission for a Drug Free Indiana through state statute. The group elected officers to oversee the coalition and recruit membership. In 1991, the group formulated and approved by-laws. Since then, monthly meetings have been held and a core group of dedicated volunteers have worked diligently to ensure the continued pursuit of locally identified goals which align with state statute.

Over the past twenty eight years, Drug Free Fulton County has funded services, equipment and programming dealing with the problems of alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse issues in the areas of prevention and education, intervention and treatment, and criminal justice. Over $375,000 of funding has been approved by Drug Free Fulton County. All approved funding impacts Fulton County citizens of all ages either directly or indirectly.


Summary of the Comprehensive Community Plan: This Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) for Drug Free Fulton County is a simple focus on the gateway drugs in our community. It also focuses on methamphetamine, prescription drug and heroin abuse. There are two problem statements identified in the CCP and listed below.


Problem Statement #1: The abuse of alcohol, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine by Fulton County citizens.

Problem Statement #2: The abuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and prescription drugs by youth (under 18) in Fulton County.


Involvement: The coalition seeks members from the areas of prevention, education, law enforcement, justice, treatment, self-help, parent, medicine, religion, media, civic, business, government and youth. At this time, Drug Free Fulton County has 17 active members. The coalition members are volunteers, and most are employed full-time. In 2010, the coalition approved hiring a part-time coordinator to help gather and disseminate information to its membership. The coordinator is paid for 20 hours per month.

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