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About the Auditor's Office

The Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of the County. The staff is responsible for handling all receipts and disbursements of county funds, creating financial statements for the County, completing annual reports for review by the State Board of Accounts, and processing payroll for over 190 county employees.

Additionally, the office handles all transfers of ownership of real property, maintains property boundary information in conjunction with the County GIS system, calculates property tax for all real, personal, mobile home, special assessment records, controls distributions of tax collections, special assessments, and special revenue collections for all units of government within Fulton County.

The Auditor also serves as the Secretary to County Council. The Auditor maintains all budgets, salary ordinances, additional appropriations, transfers, and abatement applications as well as the minutes of all County Council proceedings.

The Auditor serves as the Secretary to the Board of County Commissioners. The proceedings and determinations of the Board shall be recorded in a book, and books, accounts, vouchers, papers and documents, touching business or property of the County shall be carefully kept by the Auditor.

Please remember, our office is always here to assist you with any questions that you may have. Your comments are welcome as well. As always, it's a pleasure to serve as your County Auditor.


Minutes are not finalized until being approved by the appropriate body and will

be posted subsequent approval.

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