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We are happy to premier our new link to Online Permitting.  You are now able to apply and track the progress of any Zoning (Location Improvement Permit) and Building Permit.  You are also able to apply for the following board applications:  Technical Review Committee, Development Standard Variances, Special Exceptions, Zone Map Amendments, and Subdivision Primary/Secondary Plats.  Online Code Complaints may also be sent to the office through this portal.

If you apply for a board application or permit on line, feel free to share any comments or concerns with the staff through the APC email FCAPC@co.fulton.in.us or by phone (574) 223-7667.  Our goal is to make this an easy-to-use application that is helpful to both the staff and the public. 


The Fulton County Area Plan was effective January 2008 and successfully created a coalition of both the unincorporated and all of the incorporated areas within Fulton County. The Area Plan created one set of ordinances that are effective throughout the County, eliminating the confusion for residential and commercial development that may be located in one or more of the incorporated and/or unincorporated areas of Fulton County.

The F.C.P.C. administers and enforces the zoning, floodplain, building, unsafe building, sidewalk, electrical and plumbing registration licenses, and ADA codes through adopted ordinances and/or inter-local agreements with each legislative body in Fulton County. All minutes and petition documentation for the Area Boards, or the Advisory Boards (prior to 2008), are available upon request in the Plan Commission Office. Currently, there is one 13 Member Plan Commission Board representing the goals and directives of the residents and property owners of Fulton County through the Fulton County Comprehensive Plan and four Board of Zoning Appeal (BZA) divisions representing each of their own individual jurisdictions.


All official board minutes are available after they are approved by the corresponding board and signed as the official minute record.  They may be obtained in the Fulton County Plan Commission Office.  There is a fee of $.10 per page as required by Fulton County Ordinance #031798.  Any request for multiple sets of official Board minutes must be requested in writing and will be available within the time frame required by the Indiana Public Access Counselor.

Any other public documentation or public record must be requested in writing and will be available within the time frame required by the Indiana Public Access Counselor.  There is a fee of $.10 per page as required by Fulton County Ordinance #031798. 

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