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Fulton County is focused on creating a prosperous future while preserving our history.

Vital Records

The Vital Records division is charged with the registration, maintenance and issuance of birth and death records for Fulton County. This office provides certified copies of birth and death records for Fulton County from 1882 to present.

A certified birth certificate is the legal registration of a birth and is only issued by the county or state government. Persons must obtain their birth certificate from the county or state in which they were born.

Birth Certificate Application

Death Certificate Application



Birth Certificate - $8.00

Death Certificate - $12.00 

Genealogy - $10.00 (1-5 Searches)

                  $20.00 (Over 5 Searches)

We do NOT accept personal checks or credit cards.

Valid certificates CAN NOT be faxed! The raised seal will not be transmitted by a fax.

The certificates are filed in the county which the birth or death took place, not in the county of residence. 

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