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Tax Sale

On or before July 1 of each year, the County Treasurer shall certify to the County Auditor, a list of real property on which either any property taxes or special assessments certified to the County Auditor for collection by the County Treasurer from the prior years spring installment or before are delinquent as determined under IC 6-1.1-37-10 or any unpaid costs from a prior tax sale. (IC 6-1.1-24-1).

The County Auditor shall maintain a list of all property eligible for sale. Unless the taxpayer pays to the County Treasurer all the amounts listed in the preceding paragraph, the taxpayer shall remain on the list.

A tract or item of real property may not be removed from the list certified before the tax sale unless all delinquent taxes, special assessments, penalties due on the delinquency, interest, and costs directly attributable to the tax sale have been paid in full. A county treasurer may accept partial payments of delinquent property taxes, assessments, penalties, interest, or costs after the list of real property is certified. Payments must be cash or certified funds, no credit card or personal checks are accepted.

Fulton County’s 2016 Tax Sale will be held on September 7th, 2016 at 1:00 p.m in the Commissioner’s Room at 125 E 9th Street, Rochester, IN 10 AM. Successful bidders must make payment no later than 3 p.m. September 7th, 2016. Bidders must register to be eligible to bid. Successful bidders may not enter the property during the one year redemption period. The property owner has one year to redeem the property. The redemption amount would be the total amount of taxes due and paid by the sale bidder plus 10%. An additional 5% per annum is added based on the amount that was bid above the actual property tax that was due. The 5% per annum adds daily to the redemption cost for the property. After 30 days the successful bidders may file costs for attorney fees and title search fees.  

Successful bidders must do legal notices required by law in order to take title to the property should the owner not redeem the property. Questions on taxes due for properties to be included in the tax sale should be directed to the Fulton County Treasurer’s Office at 574-223-2913. Questions on tax sale redemption should be directed to the Fulton County Auditor’s Office at 574-223-2912. Further answers to questions on the Fulton County tax sale can be found at SRI.

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